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WSCC Cabinet Members 2017


The Conservatives are the ruling party of West Sussex County Council. We hold 56 of the 70 seats on the Council. 

You can check our progress against the Council's priorities in 2013/17 here Performance Monitor

Here is the manifesto on which we fought the election on May 4th, 2017


 View a larger version here Conservative manifesto 2017

The County Council provides 80 per-cent of local government services in West Sussex and it is there looking after you and your community 24/7. It is there in an emergency to keep your community safe. The range of services covers everything from libraries, schools, maintaining roads, pavements, cycle paths and street lights, and much more.

It is responsible for keeping our children safe from harm and abuse, caring for the elderly and vulnerable including providing meals on wheels and free fire safety checks thanks to the work of our life-saving Fire and Rescue Services, and at the same time it runs the countywide network of recycling sites and helps protect consumers from fraudsters and cheats.

Against a background of very much reduced Government grants, the last four years has seen all local councils up and down the country face many tough challenges.

However, West Sussex County Council has maintained the key front line services that you and your family rely on and at the same time investing in many improvements to support our local communities.

All this costs money, but your Conservative run council has worked tirelessly to ensure that every penny of your money is spent both effectively and where it counts most.

We do not work in isolation. Many of our services are delivered by working closely with other public sector bodies such as the NHS and your local district or borough council as well as the private, voluntary and charitable sectors.

The way forward in the coming years is to work with partners public and private sector. Joined up working and


We know council tax is a major cost to your household budget. So we treat every pound we spend as if it is our own. Our approach is to ensure that we give you services that provide good value for money.

Over £157 million of efficiency savings has been made over the last 6 years from a revenue budget of around £500 million per annum. We have eliminated waste and duplication to ensure YOUR money is spent where it is most needed.

This meant that for six years we were able to freeze our share of your council tax bills.

But, in 2016 we had to make the difficult decision to increase council tax, with a large percentage of this increase being earmarked to help meet the ever-increasing cost of social care for our elderly, weak and vulnerable.

The Government has asked all local councils to make further savings but our record of achievement shows that we protect our front-line services, keep down costs and at the same time we continue to invest heavily in supporting your local community.

We are looking at opportunities across the whole of our property estate; from improved energy efficiency to rationalisation of our buildings in order to drive out more costs so there is more money available for the services that you rely on. Last year we successfully completed our first development of 4 homes in Chichester all homes sold and we are looking at further opportunities in the future.


We are investing in your county in many different ways: Operation Watershed which was launched in 2013, has been a tremendous success in helping to reduce flooding in many communities across the county, and is now seen as one of the best examples of how your County Council works with local communities. More than £9 million has been invested so far and a further £500,000 will be made available this year.

Through the ‘Your Energy’, a Sussex-wide project we are making a positive contribution to carbon reduction and providing clean energy.

Our Solar Farm at Tangmere in its first year has delivered just what we said it would do. It is currently providing electricity to 1,500 homes in West Sussex, and we plan to increase this figure in the coming years. Solar Panels too on the roofs of our buildings also provide energy and help to reduce costs. And, we are helping communities, such as in Crawley and in Adur, by making people’s homes warmer and more energy efficient.

Our next Solar Farm in West hampnett is now underway and demonstrates our commitment to provide Green Clean energy in West Susses

Our work on energy efficiency and new methods of energy supply makes this County Council one of the leaders in the country.


We want to give our children the best start in life and education plays is an important in a child’s development. Under successive Governments, our schools are among the worst funded in the country in terms of money per pupil, but, with the support of our MPs, and our schools we are campaigning for a new formula and a level playing field.

We are currently re-designing our services to provide a consistent level of care and service across the County. We provide a helping hand to families in difficult times through Early Help and Prevention working in our Communities.

Keeping our children safe from harm and abuse is an absolute priority for us.

Our network of Children and Family Centres continue to work with parents offering a wide range of services and advice.




The economy of West Sussex is vital to us all and, working with partners, we are helping to create skills training and employment. We have invested in town centre schemes at Crawley and Worthing, a creative digital hub in Bognor Regis. We are currently developing Bio Science in West Sussex through our support for the Novartis site in Horsham. Our successful Great Outdoors Campaign has help boost the rural economy and we will continue.

At all times we work with all our District and Borough Councils to invest for the future and we are now rolling out our ‘District Deals’ to make these ambitions a reality. The first District Deal was with Crawley signed in December 2016 our second District Deal was signed in February with Mid Sussex in March we will be signing a District Deal with Worthing and there are more after the County Council Election in May.

District Deals are important as they demonstrate to businesses and Government Agencies that we work as one for the benefit of our Communities and residents.

We will continue to develop District Deal working in the future.


We know how much our residents value our Fire and Rescue Service for its work in helping people in times of crisis, from fires and floods to road accidents. We will continue to resist any moves to transfer this life-saving service away from the local authority.

It is our firm intention to continue to work closely with Sussex Police and a wide range of active partners to make our communities safer places to live.


It is a good thing that people are living longer but that brings with it pressures and new demands. That’s why we continue working actively with partners. We will continue on our preventative agenda as we know it is best for our residents. We are committed to build a care system which is community based.

It is impossible to put a price on the work of carers across West Sussex who look after their loved ones, but they will continue to get support, help and advice wherever it is needed from us.



We live in one of the most beautiful counties in the country and we continue to invest in our Rights of Way and Bridleways so people can make the most of this county on foot, on bike, on horseback, and we will continue to look at ways of reducing our carbon footprint.



Our road network is vital to day to day life in West Sussex and we continue striving to make them safer. Over the last 4 years we have invested £30 million in our Better Roads Programme and we are now investing over £5 million in an ‘Even Better Pavement Scheme’ and over the next 4 years we will put in a further £10 million to keep you safe and on the move.



Sometimes we need to make the case where we believe our residents need support.

We are campaigning for fairer funding for our schools – we are currently the 4th worst funded Authority in the Country. We have been working with our MPS and Schools to raise this important issue on behalf of our Children and parents.


Where we think our residents are not getting a fair deal we will raise the issue and campaign to get the best for West Sussex and our Resident.

We are experienced in dealing with harsh financial times and we know you want good services that not only meet your needs but deliver value for money. You want a council that will listen to your views a help you to help yourself. And be there for your community and in an emergency.





















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